jueves, 19 de enero de 2012

Interview: Get to know Valeria Pereyra

Can you tell us a little bit about how was your arrival in London?
Well, we arrived on January 1 and went to a city that is 70 miles from London called Maindston. We train at the Pegasus Gymnastics Club, where we practice 5 hours in the morning and in the afternoon we go to a sauna, whirlpool, fitness center and pool on the premises of the hotel.

What did you think about the equipment and training facilities?
The truth seemed super comfortable, suits me very fast, especially the uneven bars the most different apparatus than the American (it is the brand you train me). I loved the gym!

Did it help the day of podium training (test apparatus competition)?
Yes,the truth that helped me to test all exactamentes seriestournament as I find it much more comfortable the Pedana as beinghigh itched more.

How is your relationship with your coach, Daniela Conde?
 Knowing that Daniela was an elite gymnast for Argentina and had extensive international experience, would you helped both to make them feel safer?
The truth is that she is very positive, I spend many hours of my day with her and have a great relationship, we are like mother and daughter might say.Yes, Dani is very experienced and that helped me feel more secure when i was competing on the podium, which had never before done.

Which is your best apparatus at the moment ofcompete? And the worst one?
My best instrument is ground, I think that's where I look over me, I love it. Parallel is also very good, I think I need a little more than the starting value but long term I think I will be strong on that set because I am becoming more difficult in practice, as the mare half. For me the hardest is beam, I still have confidence to win the series to be able to wear it more fluid and more.

How was the tournament of the date of classification?
It was super good, I learned many thingsI also know that could have competed better, but everything is learned, it was my first tournament as a senior gymnast and the first competing with podium, I was nervous because it was a big change from last year to this, but I feltvery comfortable. 

Who is your choreographer or who helps with the artistic side?
Dani is who make me the floor and beam series, is incredible but true.Apart from being my coach is my choreographer. Also I have a dance teacher to help me correct the position of the hands, feet and posture but the links are all characteristic of Dani!

Want to say something to all the girls in your country that follow you?
Yes, we all have good days and bad, and we must learn from the bad days do not make the same mistakes and always be one step further, we can all reach the goal, always be persistent, never give up,because the results come when the process is indicated 

Want to comment or add something?

Yes, I want to thank everyone for having followed me day by day in the competition and for making forces from far away for me to achievemy goal. The fact that Argentina again go to the Games is not only fruitmine, is of all, that we do things day by day to bring this sport to a better place, THANK YOU!

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